Our Vision: Transforming lifelong learning as we seek God together


(In the words of our students)

Transforming – “making something change into something new”

Lifelong learning – “learning that never stops”

Seek – “looking, searching”

Together – “with everyone included”

That every student of their own free will come to love and serve the Lord with all their heart, all their soul and all their mind.  Students will serve others because it feels good and it helps to create a positive environment. 

Serving others teaches responsibility and a commitment to excellence.  Accepting others and being selfless builds a community which bonds each person to positively impact their areas of influence. 

Serving others brings us closer together, spending quality time to grow us as a solid unit. By serving others we are growing and living like Jesus.  He lived to make the lives of those who came to know Him have meaning and worth.  We want to be like Jesus and help the hurting with love, spend time with others, pray and learn to know His will for us through His word the Bible.