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4 December 2019

The New Zealand government has offered schools the opportunity to eliminate school donations by opting into the Donations Scheme.    We want to make sure you are aware that the Ministry of Education guidelines make it clear that for State Integrated Schools such as the Adventist school your child attends, charges and donations can be made by the Proprietor.

The statement from the Ministry of Education reads as follows:

Proprietors can charge attendance dues up to the maximum amount provided by the Minister of Education, and may ask for donations for any purpose including matters related to the special character of the school. (Draft requirements for Boards of Trustees of Decile 1 – 7 Schools and Kura Choosing to opt into to the Donations Scheme)

The current Attendance Dues charged by Adventist Schools are not yet at the maximum allowed by the Minister of Education and will remain at the current levels moving into 2020 -i.e. $570 per year for Primary students and $790 for Secondary.

Adventist Schools do ask for a special character donation and will continue to do so, as this allows us to ensure we are able to provide training and resourcing in the area of special character for your Principal and teachers.  As noted above, the Minister of Education is happy for the Proprietors of Integrated schools to do this. Your support through the payment of this Special Character donation makes a massive difference for your child’s teachers and the school’s programme. We look forward to your support in 2020 in this special area.

If you have any questions regarding Proprietors’ Attendance Dues or Special Character Donations, please speak to the school or call the Adventist Education Office.


Rosalie McFarlane

Director of Education