Reporting on student achievement and progress

Term 1: Whanau Picnic - Meet the teachers. Partnership Day - three-way conferencing

Term 3: Learning Expo

Term 4: Formal written reports are sent home at the end of the year. Parents are welcome to organise a meeting with their child's teacher if desired.


We try to maintain regular close contact with the home.   Each year we ensure that:

  • A parent evening early in Term 1 gives you an opportunity to meet the school staff

  • Formal interviews are held, to meet parents/teachers of the children

  • Parents are regularly reminded to contact the school if they have any queries or concerns

  • New children/parents are given the opportunity to visit on a regular basis prior to their fifth birthday.


Student-led conferences

The student-led conference provides an opportunity for you, your child and their teacher to discuss your child’s achievement using their class work as a discussion document. The student-led conferences replace the traditional parent/teacher meetings, but still provide time for parents to discuss their child’s learning with the teacher.



Every third week newsletters are sent home via email. They can be printed and handed to the eldest child in cases where families do not have access to a computer. These newsletters form part of the wider consultation process and are used to keep parents and community up to date with events, results, policies and other items requiring parental input.   In addition to newsletters, you will also receive other school updates and notices by email, either from the office or from the classroom teacher.  If there is a form to fill in, kindly ensure that this is returned by the due date. Keeping the school informed about any change in your contact details is vital to ensure that you stay up-to-date.


Sharing your ideas

We want to encourage you to share any ideas or input you may have with us. Feel free to email us or chat to us after school. Also, the ‘Friends of Balmoral SDA’ parent group would love to have your support if you have a few spare minutes to help.