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Our Mission Statement: Educating for Eternity

In this school we strive to recognise every student for their unique talents.  Each individual student contributes to the school family and is encouraged to reach their full potential.  An attitude of gratitude and excellence is expected as students grow in Christ and strive to achieve their goals.

Teachers are committed to educating students - preparing them to walk in Jesus’ footsteps by integrating learning and teaching within the Biblical principles. Balmoral SDA School’s commitment to excellence extends to the community and desires to provide a Christian Education for their children, preparing them not only for their time on earth but also for eternity.

Our Vision: Transforming lifelong learning as we seek God together


(In the words of our students)

Transforming – “making something change into something new”

Lifelong learning – “learning that never stops”

Seek – “looking, searching”

Together – “with everyone included”

That every student of their own free will come to love and serve the Lord with all their heart, all their soul and all their mind.  Students will serve others because it feels good and it helps to create a positive environment. 

Serving others teaches responsibility and a commitment to excellence.  Accepting others and being selfless builds a community which bonds each person to positively impact their areas of influence. 

Serving others brings us closer together, spending quality time to grow us as a solid unit. By serving others we are growing and living like Jesus.  He lived to make the lives of those who came to know Him have meaning and worth.  We want to be like Jesus and help the hurting with love, spend time with others, pray and learn to know His will for us through His word the Bible.


Respect - Integrity - Responsibility - Excellence

  • Respect – We should respect others by listening because this lets them know they are important, apologise when wrong, compliment others and treat others as you would want to be treated. Respect - to get it you have to give it!

  • Integrity - We need to let our “yes” be yes and our “no” be no!  And do the right thing even when nobody is looking.

  • Responsibility - Being responsible for ourselves will get us where we want to go and we should do our best to take care of the things around us that need to be done - this is how we become great.

  • Excellence - It is not being the best, it is doing our best - excellence is an attitude - it doesn’t matter how slow we go as long as we get there.


  • The Special Character provides a solid quality Christian education for our students.   


  • Quality teachers assures effective leadership, a clear vision and sound curriculum knowledge. We value teacher’s insights & experiences, and believe they provide opportunities to inspire students to become innovative, creative learners.

  • Home/school partnerships - We value the support and input of parents and caregivers.  Who knows children better than the parents? Therefore the partnership between home and school is significant in helping understand these precious children and educating and helping them to reach their potential.

  • Excellent outcomes for all - every child learns in a different way, so we aim to provide a variety of experiences for students to become engaged in their own learning. Each child is expected to achieve their goals and plan their own learning pathway. Students are guided and given opportunity to flourish.